Mobile Development Technologies

iPhone and iPad App Development

We at Brickwin, very well understand the ripening opportunity, so thus have our own in-house team of experts to develop the apps for the same. The SDK kit, for developers, comes handy for us to explore and experiment, to cater to the customized needs of our clients. We have developed applications that are highly engaging and powerful in terms of user-friendliness. Thus, enabling users with applications, that brings out the best out of their big touch screen.

Android App Development

Google android has made its presence felt immensely across the globe and currently has one of the highest market shares, in the market. Google android application development has proved it well that in today’ scenario a mobile is a lot more than just a medium of communication.

With this thought in mind and a team of specialized, well-equipped Google android developers on-board, it becomes highly cost-effective to customize Applications for our clients. With it’ software Development Kit (SDK) at our disposal, we at Brickwin are able to bring new, scalable android applications, which are capable of bringing a new meaning to your Android Phone.

Windows Phone App Development

In order to provide the development for latest products in the market, we at Brickwin have been pro-active to master the art of Windows Phone, as it came in the market. Thus, with expert knowledge of the same at our disposable our team of experts can deliver the best windows Phone application with ease and accuracy.

Blackberry App Development

Blackberry has been a hot favorite amongst the business circuit, as it provides mobile phone, email, internet, corporate data, messaging, organizer and other business related features seamlessly within a single wireless communication unit-RIM (Research in Motion). Catering to a wide range of in-house embedded applications, blackberry has made a niche consolidated market for itself. Especially, after Blackberry’s free Internet Services tied up with different network providers, blackberry has broken the norms of just being a great business phone. And, has opened it’ world beyond business.

With are in-house expertise in blackberry, we can prove to be great business partners for developing applications of all sizes and businesses.

Windows Mobile Development

Windows mobile, is a product from Microsoft for developing mobile-based windows application. Windows mobile OS works a lot like the windows on the desktop. Keeping in view the changing and growing mobile market, windows OS has a huge scope as Nokia’s collaboration with Microsoft will result into most of it’ applications being developed in Windows mobile.

With this view in mind our team of expert developers efficiently develop applications on .Net framework and are able to cater to wide range of customized requirements of our clients, catering to the untapped needs of their’. Some of our major assignments have been of GPS and navigation systems, Bluetooth, communication and business applications amongst others. With are in-house expertise in blackberry, we can prove to be great business partners for developing applications of all sizes and businesses.

Symbian Development

Symbian as a platform comes with huge potential to play with. Due to flexibility of design of it’ platform, it is compatible on every possible communication device and even works well with different network frequencies. Symbian platform utilizes wide range of programming languages like Java, C++, OPL and .NET, which gives us immense scope to develop various different applications, compatible on a range of smart phones.

With our expertise around, we are able to develop a series of projects like e-commerce portals, security systems, applications like messaging, Bluetooth, business applications specifically for Symbian based mobile.

HTML5 Development

HTML5 is a markup language, which supersedes its predecessors in browser compatibility and features. Due to the presence of Application Programming Interface as a feature, HTML 5 code can easily run on platforms of android and I-phone. This makes application made on HTML5 cross-platform compatible.

Our team at Brickwin works efficiently with Sencha touch, which is the latest HTML5 mobile application framework. Sencha touch has a dedicated User-interface widget library of it’own, extensive data management system, which allows more scope for our developers to build application, that are scalable and closer to the native application.